Pile O' Craft

I recently discovered the plethora of craft/diy blogs out there.
It was a big game changer for me.
Lots of time was wasted/enjoyed browsing through the amazing ideas other people have.
It made me want to go to thrift stores a lot.
And find out what Mod-podge is.
And print coupons.

So, I tried it! And its so, so fun! After some pretty intense discussion with anyone who would listen(and didn't make me feel completely ashamed of my new addicition) we came up with a name. I made a new blog, and tried it out...just to see how it went. I learned a few things, and talked my sisters into it, and here we are today.

We don't post much (sorry.) but its quality, right?
I'd like to introduce you to:

We're still learning, but its fun! Enjoy it. I know we are.
Also, suggestions for improvement, tactfully submitted, are welcome :)