Might as well.

I've had this set up for a few months now. My mom heard about this new thing called a "blog", and wanted me to show her the ropes. Our interest lasted about 2 minutes, but the damage was done, and I was set up with a blogger account. About 6 months later, I find myself with nothing to do at work and here we are. I don't know why it hasn't happened sooner. A combination of 4.5 hour shifts with little or no responsibilities and limitless computer access obviously equal posting my life story to the masses. Technology is amazing.
Today in my Lit class we finished up with Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice. I've always been a fan of P&P, so that little assignment was a walk in the proverbial park. Although, I've never approached it with an academic mindset. As it turns out, this approach only solidified the hypothesis that Jane Austen was a genius. All the details, social stigmas, tension, feminism, and romance are a literary feast.:) One of the best parts was classroom discussion. I've suddenly become acutely aware of many of my peers inability to communicate without saying "like", "so", "you know?" and "Idon'tknowbut..." every few words. Sometimes classmates would simply string the phrases together in an incomphrehensible sentence. "So- like- well-I dunno-you know?" Those were the best. I guess they were so overcome with literary appreciation there weren't words enough to describe it. I know the feeling.