Life's a Beach

I went to Naples last weekend! (Naples,Florida. Not Naples, Italy. It seems the original American Colonist were quite an unimaginative bunch. Is coming up with your own name for a city really that difficult?Is there a certain limit on the names for places that are allowed to be in exisitance? Speaking of naming cities, I don't really think adding "New" to another place's name really changes it. I digress.) But, back to name-stealing Naples. While it was snowing in some places, we went to the beach! We climbed on an environmentally protected species of tree--"mangroves"--and found the mother load of sea shells! Also we witnessed an awesome sunset. See for yourself:
This is a "mangrove"--a deceptively strong endangered tree that only grows where fresh water meets the sea:

The mother lode! Seriously, there were tons and tons!:

Andrew is pondering life's great mysteries:

The pier at sunset:

The sunsets at exactly 5:58:

I have some great pictures from Christmas to post! So, stay tuned for those :)