Seattle Sound and a Peep show

Yesterday, while going about our business at a local gas station we were impressed with this advertisement. Words fail me.
The weekend started out with a bang. The 5th Ward Annual Spring Fling was Friday and the theme was "Time Warp" and the idea was you dress up in the style of your favorite decade. It really translated to: "Pick any decade, or character, or your old prom dress that you like and dress up . Unless you don't feel like it. Then just wear regular clothes." Over all it was really fun. There were swingers, gangsters, two really cute golfers, one Rambo, and the Scooby Doo crew. Andrew and I picked a decade. Can you guess which? Its a shame you can't see the pants, but that would have given it away.
On Saturday Andrew and I went to Marianna for Easter weekend. Saturday night we went with my Mom to see Horton Hears a Who. It was pretty cute. It wasn't particularly offensive or anything. A few parts were actually really amusing (read: In MY world everyone eats rainbows and poops butterflies). I'm not sure about how I felt about it.
I've always found Mob Psychology to be frustrating though, so that was probably what bothered me.
Easter was great! My mom hid eggs for us and we had Easter baskets and that was fun. I'm pretty sure I'll never outgrow that. (I also really enjoyed church, you know, the whole purpose of Easter. But that doesn't make for a very good photo op). After dinner, we went for a walk and enjoyed a perfect Easter Sunday. Spring is my favorite.
Mom's students told her about "peep jousting", a noble tradition that involves peeps, toothpicks and a microwave. We were a little fuzzy on the details, but we did the best we could. I think we all pictured a dramatic contest between the two small, sugary knights (as depicted in the pictures. The last is my favorite. The poor loser bird, sprawled dejectedly on his side.His small beady eyes plead for help. The victor stands supreme! Light pink is sugar scattered everywhere--the aftermath of a vicious battle.) I captured what really happened in the microwave, and we're still not sure what to think.
What the term "Peep Jousting" suggests:
What an amazing showdown!
This is what really happens:


Spring Break '08

Spring break has come and gone for me. It stretched on in a seemingly endless 40 hour work week. Sitting still is a lot more difficult than it would seem. I carefully scheduled my day so I would have a reason to get up every hour or so. Between checking the mail, taking the mail, restocking the sodas in the fridge, and emptying the recycle bins I had a pretty full schedule. Its all about time management. I worked full time so Amanda could have Spring Break off. The deal is she can have Spring Break off if I can get a week off in May to go see the newest addition to Jackie and Jason's blooming family. Speaking of, Jefferson was born Mach 10, 2008, and from what can be seen in the pictures its another good-looker in family. Which is a relief to all of us. :)
Because I spent the lazy days of spring break chained to a desk, we decided to make Saturday fun to the max. Four of us rented canoes and explored the great Wakulla for four hours. We didn't see any manatees, which was hugely dissapointing, but we did climb trees. There were also lots and lots of turtles, one snake, and some crab traps. I'd never seen a crab trap before. We pulled the traps up, and there were crabs! And they were blue. I think the scientific term is "blue crabs", but I'm no biologist. Anyways, it was lots of fun. The picture is brought to us by a kayaking photograher. He was trying to get nature shots, but he had to settle for what was available. Anyways, he was nice enough to e-mail us the picture he took, and there you go. Andrew is in the tree, and I'm skillfully manuvering the canoe below him.
Later that day we went to a field. And what a field it was. Andrew taught me lacrosse technique. Turns out, lacrosse is a game played mostly from the wrist. I also learned ultimate frisbee. A game that also involves a lot of wrist action. So, my wrists got a really nice work out.


Right on Target

Yesterday, while I was walking into Target (to buy the Target specific brand of Select nuts that everyone in the office can't live without...I have a very important job) I overheard a Mommy-Daughter exchange that made my day. I noticed two little girls in matching green shirts, pigtails, and lacy bobby socks, forming a human chain as the mother held a small baby in one arm, and grasped one of her daughters hands, who in turn held tightly to her sister. As they walked in the door it went something like this:

Mom: Girls, I just noticed something I'd never noticed before!
Little Girls: What is it??
Mom: The "Out" sign is red, and the "In" sign is green. Why do you think that is?
Little girls: *various sounds of confusion*
Mom: Well, what else do green and red mean?
Little Girls: CHRISTMAS!!

I feel confident that moments like this will make motherhood (someday) the best.
Until then, I can play with Jefferson! If Jackie will hurry up and have him already.