Don't Mess With Texas

Last week I had the chance to fly to Texas. Yes, I flew. I was planning on driving. Th arduous and lonely 11 hour drive was not going to be fun. But I viewed it as a challenge. A challenge for my staying awake ability, not to mention my poor little car. My dreams of the great American Road trip were thwarted Kourtney, the bargain hunting fiend. Like a sweet angel sent from above she found a manageable airfare, and so I flew.

Question: Is it rude to not make friends with the passenger sitting beside you on an airplane? I just...didn't feel like it.

American Airlines gives you a whole can of beverage. Not like those Delta cheapskates. Delta gives you a cup filled to the rafters with ice, then only pours enough beverage in the cup to wet a baby's tiny toungue. Curse you, Delta.

Anyways...my friend Holly is married now. We met in 6th grade, and all throughout the three trying, awkward, braced and acne riddled years of middle school we were there for eachother. Mindy, Holly and I--or the Three Amigos, as we liked to call ourselves (seriously.)-- were inseperable. But not for long. Highschool came. We became separated, but still kept in touch, and I had to be there for her wedding. Simply had to. I mean, we'd been talking about our weddings since middle school. You don't just miss something like that.

So, I forgot my camera. I brought only what could fit into a tiny carry-on duffle bag (checking luggage is pretty lame, in my book), and the camera was left out. My little phone has a tiny camera built in, and luckily I remembered my phone. So, here is my trip, pictured in all of its grainy, low resoluted glory.

The Houston Temple. So gorgeous. I love just..sitting on the temple grounds. Except when its over 100 degrees outside...then I love sitting in the Temple waiting room.

First steps as man and wife...

First bench to sit on as man and wife...

Holly wanted us to express our personalities through our shoes. As long as they were dark brown shoes. Maybe she should have set more boundaries.

Lake Bryan. Flat, smooth, peaceful, and blazingly hot. Mindy took me kayaking.

Our glasses matched. Not planned! Mindy had all kinds of adventurous things to do with me.

Not pictured: bike ride through perilous nature.

Kourtney took me to explore the tacos and antique shops of downtown Bryan. We found fun, expensive stuff! Also, when I lived there, there was no "Downtown Bryan." Only "The Ghetto Part of Bryan." Funny how things change. Now its quite picturesque.

Kourntey and I are so ready. For anything. I think this was taken right before we began the long journey to tacos. Seriously. We walked for days but the sweet promise of tacos was enough to sustain us.

I love this picture. We found it in an antique shop. The crazy eyes must run strong in that gene pool.

Also, we spent a good while spelling our names with the stamps from an old printing press. We're pretty wild.

When I try to explain Texas to people...they don't understand. They don't understand Stetson hats, or the Aggie yell leaders. Nor do they understand fields of blue bonnets that cover the country side for a few weeks. They don't understand that the state flag is considered a tasteful motiff for birdhouses, park benches, shirts, babies...

I had a few things I really wanted to do while in Texas. And, eat 10 snocones was on the top of my list. Let the record show that I almost met that goal.