Wedding Extravaganza

I now officially belong to the "Wedding" stage in life. I should have seen the signs before now. My fluff viewing and reading material has been shifting so slowly I didn't even realize what was happening. It started with the movies. Ten Things I Hate About You suddenly seemed immature and....highschoolish where it had once been so...grown up and cool. And then 27 Dresses, My Best Friend's Wedding, and finally Bride Wars just felt so...relevant. The finalality of it all came with Kendal's wedding. Now, this was no shotgun wedding. It was figured in our plans since househunting a year ago! But it still seemed to sneak up on us. I got to be a bridesmaid! Now, I'd been a bridesmaid in Kourtney and Jackie's weddings, but my bridesmaidly duties were basically "show up" and "love your sister". Check and check. But this time I had to...like...do stuff. There was dress shopping, the bridal shower, bachlorette party (hey o!), supporting and advising the bride, being generally helpful, and so on. So basically, I acknowledge that I'm growing up, and its not too bad.

The bridal shower! We went classy with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme.

The amazingly fabulous invitations, brought to you by Alyse and Kristen's Auntie.

See those little pearls? They're mints! Mints!

There were some points in the decorating process where Kristen and I asked, "Is this too much, really?". The answer was always, "No."

I don't know where Ashley got all those Tiffany's bags and boxes. They don't just give those away you know. I guess someone loves her a lot.

Cute little favors filled with kisses, wrapped in love, and tied with a little bow.

After eating and gifts, we made scrapbook pages. Here Kristen and I work steadfastly. Well, she works steadfastly. Apparently I'm just really in love with that piece of paper.

Room mate love:

Kristen and I got to plan the Bachlorette party! I like those. We stuffed our faces at Stevi B's (Any and every pizza you can imagine. Really. Cheeseburger, Mac & Cheese, Bar-B-Que, and Baked Potato are the usuals. But we got Spinach, Mushroom and Alfredo on special request. And then Just Pickles on super special request.) The we headed back to Kendal's little love shack for games and gifts. What a wild night :)

The guest list was pretty exclusive:

Lara trying her hand at "Pin the Kiss on Chris"

(Virgin) Margaritas on the rocks.

Clever title brought to you by Kristen.

On an unrelated to weddings side note, I learned to make Cake pops!