Artsy Fartsy

We've moved. Again. We're three for three now. My first year in Tally was spent in an expensive 2 bedroom apartment. I'm not sure what we we're paying for but it definitely wasn't higher security. After the shootings, we decided it was time to move. I wish I was exaggerating. We moved up to a townhouse then. 5 girls to 3 bedrooms. It was a fun year, but we really wanted a little house. 4 bedrooms later, and we've got our little home of love. We took a risk and decided to paint the walls. That was an adventure full of tears, paint fumes, and less than 2 hours of sleep. Also, my backseat is now sporting a fun filled shade of "yellow slide". It really captures the imagination and playfulness of youth. Anyways, we had a lot of paint leftover, and decided it was time for some crafts. the beauty of making art out of the same paint that's on the walls is not having to worry about it matching. Saweet!

Kristen wanted a pretty blue flower. I tried my best.

Our bathroom is painted light blue and blackish gray. One of my most favorite color combos ever. The spot over the toilet really felt like it was needing some action...
Other stuff happened. School started, we got a puppy, I'm helping plan a stake activity for 300 people...more on that later... maybe. I was mostly excited about the painting.