Manifest Destiny

So, even though I don't update this blog all that much...I decided I wanted another one too. Thats pretty greedy, huh? Oh well. The new one is for crafts/wedding planning. Just in case, you know, I have a sister who lives far away that I want to show things to and get feedback on. I called it Tulips and Roses, 'cause I couldn't think of anything more creative. So, enjoy it--and let me know what you think :) Click here.


Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today.

Last weekend Cory decided it was time to get down to business. After 6 months of dating, he'd had enough. So, he took me up to a rooftop at FSU last Saturday, and proposed to me in the rain. He did such a good job of finding a ring that I absolutely love! I'm so excited to be marrying such a sweet, thoughtful, handsome, silly guy!

Lara snapped a picture of us right after it happened. I'm on the phone with my mom:

Here's the ring Cory chose, resting (ever so gently) in some roses Cory brought over:

The only help I gave him was my vague desire for "fancy metal designs" and "pretty." He did amazing, all things considered. I've never really been the type looking to get married at age 20, but I guess sometimes I even surprise myself. We've set the date for July 2nd, in the Orlando, Florida Temple. I just can't believe it!


As Promised

First order of business: I told a few very special people that I would post the recipe for delicious, fresh, and all together amazing homemade fresh Salsa. I learned to make this from my roommate Kristen, who learned it from her previous room mate, who is rumored to have learned it from mouth of Martha Stewart herself. I later saw a super cute recipe notecard for the almost same exact stuff in Becca's super de duper cute recipe cards, so I'll post that for you and note the variations I made.

(Isn't that the cutest little card you've ever seen?? And she has dozens of them! Dozens! Check out The Renfroe Scoop for more of her amazing recipes, stories, and opinions. If you want. I don't wannna be pushy.)

You can use 2 cans of Rotel in place of fresh tomatoes, and leave out the onion entirely if it makes you sick. Its really up to you, dear. I drain all of the ingredients, 'cause I don't like it too runny, and I've never used black eyed peas before. I use way more cilantro...I really love cilantro. And I've been known to use lemon juice from concentrate. And leave out the avocado if you don't have any on hand. Do whatever you want and everyone will love it. Promise. Eat it with chips, in tortillas, or just...you know...plain. I won't judge you.