Keep your words soft and sweet...

I've been eating my words lately. 

A few months ago I told a friend that I don't like green toe nail polish because it "looks like a fungus."

This will be the only picture I EVER post of my toes.
Well...at least for now.
Yesterday, I couldn't resist this green pedicure. 

I love my green toes. I officially take my former statement back.

Friday night, our Netflix movie came in the mail. The A-Team had arrived, and I was looking forward to a night of mindless action adventure. 

When I told Cory what we would be watching that evening, he said, "Umm...We saw that. We weren't impressed."

I insisted that I had never seen the movie as I put it into the player. He politely disagreed.

I held firm throughout the previews. So did he.

Finally the main menu came up. I watched the opening sequence. 

Then I remembered. 

It's an awful movie.

We laughed, and I quickly took it out of the player and back out to the mailbox. I'm not giving that movie one more second of my life.

You're looking at a steel trap.
So, I take that back too.

Wanna know what I don't take back? My Saturday morning Salvation Army steals.

They wouldn't refund me, even if I wanted to return something. Store policy.

On Saturdays, almost everything is 50% off. Which is awesome.

I've got plans for this stuff in our new apartment. The clay pots are going on the porch, and the wire basket is going to corral our silverware someday soon.

The books were a true STEAL. All hardbacks: $1.00. It was really tough not to just buy ALL of them. But I limited it to these four. 'Cause dollars add up. You know?

The Julia Child gem is going in the kitchen with the other cookbooks in my collection. I don't really "use" cookbooks per say, but... someday I might. And on that day, I will be ready.

But my favorite find (and, at $4.50, my big ticket item), was this paper sorter:

Maybe it doesn't look like much to you, but I've been looking for this exact thing for the past five months.

It was made for my free craigslist desk:

Seriously. I have been looking for that EXACT thing. I love when things work out.

I'm finding more and more that things usually work out. Which reminds of this quote I saw a few days ago, that I just can't get out of my mind:

Can't say it any better myself. Really. 


Alicia said...

I once bought season 5 of Friends because it was on sale for $15. I was so excited to have it that I came home and thrust it into my husband's arms.
"I found it for $15!"
To which he replied, "Too bad we bought it for $30 like a year ago."


I just love your blog. You're awesome.

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Wow! You always find such good deals! :) And I know how you feel about eating your words...I have the same problem! And of course, I always have to stick to my guns...even when I'm wrong! ;)

The Hargretts said...

Yeah... we got The A-Team on Netflix and I think I blogged/ facebooked the whole time and Chris wasn't to impressed either. Oh well... LOVE the Salvation Army finds. I need to go with you sometime and check this place out. =)

ashley in wonderland said...

i love this print!

freya said...

nice thrifting finds! me and elizabeth found the habitat for humanity place on our way to our next vt appointment ha and she said she got some sealer for her porch there ha.

ummm i have a confession... we saw the a team with my parents at the dollar movie and i remember laughing a lot. ha.

sara raquel said...

the old A*Team or the new one?? cuz the new one is hilarious!!! i'm with freya, i lurved it...

Lindy said...

Alicia--that story is too funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one with movie memory problems.

Holly--I suppose I've learned to just accept when I'm wrong! It happens kind of a lot... :)

Kendall--You name the day! I'm always up for a little thrift shopping.

Freya and Sara--I'm glad you liked it! I really don't remember that much of it...just that I've seen it once already, and that was enough for me. :)

Becca said...

I judge you for ordering the A-Team two times. Did you also watch both of the wretched Transformer movies? Lindy, Lindy . . . tsk ,tsk.

Jealous of your Julia Child cookbook, mostly because of how pretty and retro it is. And I am so excited for your paper-organizer. It really is perfect.

Kristen said...

Your post helped remind me that I needed to return your cricut cartridge to fill the remaining hole in your new snazzy organizer! Thanks again for letting me use it!

I dont know where a thrift store is. Take me next time?

But seriously, I dont work Monday and that also happens to be the day that Heaven's, I mean Hobby Lobby's doors open. Let's explore?

Lindy said...

Becca, I didn't watch BOTH Transformers movies...just the first one. But that was enough for me. I'm young, you know? Gotta sow those oats.

Kristen- Yes, please! I'll take you to the thrift stores one weekend in June? And I'm going to google some Hobby Lobby printable coupons right NOW.

Annette said...

Lindy Love your sign!! I'm so stealing it and putting it on my FB. And sign up for email for HL (we are already best friends so Hobby Lobby says I can just call them HL) and you get a 40% coupon off... but I suspect it expires today! (Saturday) BUT someone told me they send them all the time. 40% off! LOVE!