Let's Make a Deal

Cory had 10 blissful days of summer vacation. Now he's back in classes. 

He works so, so hard on his school work. (And gets the grades to prove it. Who makes 125 on a final exam on Circuits? Who??) 

I guess it's hard for him to find a comfortable position after a few hours at the ol' desk.

Apparently the hours spent at his desk are taking a toll on his neck and upper back, because lately he has been constantly requesting massages.

Turns out, I'm not really a "massagey" person. My fingers are tired after the first 15 seconds of a back rub. Also, it bores me.

But, I have discovered that Cory will do almost anything for a back rub. This discovery has led to a sort of bartering system in our relationship.

We're still working on developing a baseline for what things are worth in the economy of our marriage.

I offered Cory 20 minutes of massage in exchange for coming with me to the grocery store. (That is basically an eternity in massage years.)

He declined.

But he counter offered me one clean kitchen, while I did the grocery trip by myself.

After much inner turmoil, I accepted.

I love to haggle, so I'm pretty excited about this new development.

A few people from our stake went to Georgia this weekend to help with tornado clean up. Cory went with his Dad and brother to help.

It was so weird to have him gone for the weekend. I missed him, and I couldn't sleep without him. The extra seven hours this inability added to my day really upped my productivity. I don't think I've EVER done more in one day than I did yesterday. I hit up a short-lived tennis match, bridal shower festivities, crepetastic girls night out, cleaned/vacuumed the house top to bottom (including laundry!) and finally got around to painting my trashy dresser.

Read the full makeover post on Pile o' Craft, if you want.
 To keep things balanced, today I haven't been productive in the slightest. Nothing but church and bloggin'. And lemon squeezin'.

I got a sweet hookup from my friend Elizabeth this week and got a ton of lemons. Fortune smiles upon me as just last week, I found an awesome jadite juicer at a thrift store.

I felt so, so cool using my strainer.

 I also felt like a huge nerd. The entire time I had quotes of Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use" running through my head. I bought the strainer to look pretty on a shelf, "as if that was the only thing you could do with quilts" strainers, but realized I'm definitely "backward enough to put them to everyday use."

Oh Alice.

If you've never read it, you should. Then we can talk about what a wretched punk Dee, excuse me "Wangaro", is, and how the phrase "mossy teeth" makes you wanna throw up.  Click here to read the full text online.


freya said...

ditto on today's low productivity. my day has been sleep, blogging, and full of tv and lemons. doesn't feel good.

brett always gives me hand massages when i complain that my hands are tired from rubbing his back ha so i can keep on rubbing away.

i loooove you juicer! you inspire me!

Meagan said...

FOund you!!! that pic of Cory is out of control!

Becca said...

You guys are both so cute I wanna pinch your cheeks. Allen loves Alice Walker so much--he took all the Southern Lit classes they offered at Texas A&M.

Our barter system involves movies. Allen wants to watch one every night. I want to watch one once a week. But I can get him to do anything if I say I'll stay up and watch a movie (I like movies, but I only like REALLY GOOD movies, and I also like to go to bed early and get up early, which is not conducive to a movie-loving-lifestyle).

That jadite juicer really is beautiful.

Lindy said...

Freya, I will definitley need to look into these "hand massages" you speak of.

Hi Meagan! Now I can openly admit that I read your blog too! I'm glad we're past that. ;)

Becca, I'm glad to see that this barter system is normal in healthy relationships...I was starting to worry. Also, I would like your list of really good movies, because lately I have been unimpressed with pretty much everything.

The Hargretts said...

I like your bardering system with Corey now... maybe I should start doing that with Chris. But I don't like georcery shopping without him because he keeps me moving and I always grab something but then pull like a clothes shopping tactic and but it back and then go back for it. HAHA

Tanya said...

If you give me a massage, I'll go shopping with you anytime!

Tanya said...

Ok, well, I'll go shopping with you any time, even if there isn't a massage involved...

Mrs. Blimes said...

Awesome. I love the dresser and the pic of hubby :0)

Back massages are gold around here as well. Drew will do almost anything for one. It is a very good bargaining chip ;0)

Becca said...

We watched a super-cool movie on Netflix instant view called "Jump Tomorrow". It was funny and awkward and unlike anything I've ever seen.

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

I love the bartering system, and I totally understand the lack of sleep when hubby is gone...I go through that about twice a week! :( And I'm super jealous that you have a craft space/room! Unfortunately we don't have space with a baby room! Glad to see you're doing well!!

sara raquel said...

Lindy - found these cute ideas for shutter headboards as I was looking for ideas of what to do with my one widdle shutter. check it out!